Thank You! You’re almost there…

I’m thrilled that you loved your TRACKTION Planner. Thank you for believing in yourself and being the kind of person who takes action. It’s an honour to have you here.

Before life gets in the way, would you mind sharing a quick review? They make a huge difference to me and to others who are on the same journey. They’re also a fantastic way to reflect on and consolidate what you’ve learned.

Not sure what to write?

Here are 5 questions I like to think through whenever I leave a review:

  1. What problem was I having before I discovered the product?
  2. What did the frustration feel like as I tried to solve that problem?
  3. What was different about the product?
  4. Where was I when I realised the product was actually working?
  5. What does life look like now that my problem is solved or being solved?

Don’t feel obliged to use them. But thought I’d share just in case.

Anything from a few sentences to a few paragraphs would be perfect. And, in the meantime, good luck, stay awesome and go well 🙌

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